06 Aug 2012

I Hate Cotton Candy!

Some buyers are not informed about the home construction process. I know, it’s impossible to believe but it’s entirely true. This is a short and sweet story about a young, single man who came to visit me about buying a home. He had purchased a home before and one might think that maybe he had learned something through that purchase. But obviously, we’re giving way too much credit where there is no credit due. He was nice enough, but there was a little something off that I could never put my finger on.

As we looked for homes, we got into a discussion about the construction workers in our homes. Here is how that conversation went:

“You know, this company is very proud of the construction teams that represent us. We take a lot of pride in our work and welcome you out to the job site anytime to see our progress and to help you better understand the construction process”, I said, feeling pretty good about being able to sell him a home at this point.

“I hope you’re right because I had a terrible experience with the last house that we had built,” he said with a deeply perplexed look on his face. I could tell he was very troubled about this experience.

“What happened if you don’t mind me asking?” I asked.

My philosophy is to let them air out their grievances and then tell them how we can be different and help them feel better about it.

“These dudes that worked on my house were so messy! They left all kinds of crap behind. The worst was that they left this horrible cotton candy looking stuff all in the attic. I can’t even get around in there there’s so much cotton candy!” He said, obviously very upset. “It’s so itchy! I couldn’t stop scratching when I went up there. Ya’ll won’t leave any cotton candy behind in this house will you? Because if you do, I’m not buying here. That stuff is so gross!”

I wanted to die laughing so bad but I didn’t want to make him feel any less of a man from the question I was about to ask.

“Do you know what insulation looks like?” I asked.

“No. What’s insulation?” he said.

I explained to the best of my ability what it was and why he needed it but he didn’t want any more cotton candy, so he left to find a builder that doesn’t use cotton candy. Good luck!

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