24 Apr 2013

Lessons From Zig Ziglar’s Granddaughter

Today I was honored to meet a legend in the inspirational speaking industry. She is DeDe Galindo, Zig Ziglar’s granddaughter. What an inspiration and a positive influence.

The last time I saw Zig Ziglar speak before he passed away was in 2008 in Dallas, Texas. Previously, I had seen him speak and he was all over the stage! Running from one end to the other…reaching out to people with unbridled enthusiasm. He was mesmerizing! This last time I saw him, he was helped to the stage by his daughter. He sat in a chair for almost two hours answering questions from his daughter and the crowd. Unbelievably, THIS time, was the most mesmerizing he has ever been. I absorbed every word he spoke and remembered every story. Two hours seemed like two minutes. You could have heard a pin drop in the American Airlines Center. He received a standing ovation for what seemed like several minutes. I did not want it to end.

When I left, I was uplifted, inspired and determined to make my life and my career an inspiration to others. I thought to myself, “How can such a small in stature man have the power to silence, inspire and bring tears to thousands?”

The answer to that question was answered again today by his granddaughter, DeDe. It was his purpose. It was his purpose and his drive in life. He had a genuine passion and love for helping others become better and he was a living testimony that it worked. I realized when I left the American Airlines Center that day, that I had a purpose driven life and I was able to set goals that have helped me get to the place where I am today and I haven’t stopped climbing and setting resolves for bigger and better things.

DeDe Galindo spoke today about following your purpose. She tells us to have the “Right Mental Attitude.” We should always be aware of our surroundings. Surround yourself with other purpose driven and positive people; listen to them and keep learning.

Are you ready when you’re big break comes? Or when opportunities present themselves? If you’re not, it can pass you by and you’ll never know it was there. Overcome suffering and hard times. Do not let it take over. Get back up and find your purpose again. Wherever you are right now, whatever you’re doing while you’re reading this blog…do what you’re doing right now to the best of your ability. You’ve made decisions that have led you to this moment in time, right now. Get up…do the best you can do right now and every day. You will create beautiful opportunities for success when you do.

What is your purpose right now in your life?

“Do What You’re Doing Now To The Best Of Your Ability.”

Zig Ziglar’s Granddaughter, DeDe Galindo

April 24, 2013

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