Professional Development Courses

It is our belief that REALTORS® should NOT be happy with just completing the “minimum requirements” from the state of Texas. We should be pushing for MAXIMUM KNOWLEDGE! Our Professional Development Courses are written for good agents to become GREAT AGENTS. Our Professional Development Courses take what you thought were the basics and turns them into mind blowing knowledge events that change your sales life! They also take topics you’ve never studied before and bring them to the forefront to create value in your sales life that you’ve never experienced before.

Learn how to communicate better with everyone in your sphere of influence with Effective Questioning to Save your Sales Life. Find out why some of your clients don’t like you and why you don’t get along with some people, how to deal with it and use those differences to close deals with our DiSC® Personality Types Course.  Learn how to speak knowledgeably about renting versus owning and the tax and income benefits of owning a home. Get valuable documents you can personalize and use with your clients to make you look like a pro!

Our Professional Development Courses can be taught in our classroom in Salado, at your own brokerage or board and also in a convention center style event. Every course is designed to be fun, exciting and get your blood pumping! The majority of our students say it’s the most fun learning they have ever had! The owner has written these courses for Maximum Knowledge and Maximum Energy. It just takes one course and you’ll be hooked!

Boot Camp Training

With topics covering New Agents, Buyers, and the Listing Process, these intensive day sessions are geared to help you after getting your license.

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A La Carte

Various training topics completely unique to TREBS of Salado to enhance your knowledge and gain expertise within the real estate process.

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