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The Three Step Success System

One of the biggest challenges facing Realtors® is how simple the real estate business looks on the surface in comparison to how difficult it can be once they are in it.

Most agents want to know two things: what to do and how to do it. This is the Three Step Success System, which we have developed specifically for Realtors®.

Step One

Get Your License: Tell all new agents the truth about the licensing process

The truth is, obtaining your real estate license guarantees nothing. It is merely the entry fee you pay to get into the game. It does not give you the skills to play the game. Once licensed, Realtors® need to combine their technical licensing education with a business and investing education.

Step Two

Build Your Business: Design and build your own real estate business

Step Two is about designing, building, and running a business that works…so you don’t have to. Step Two consists of two Business Building courses. They are Real Estate Marketing: Principles of Business and Real Estate Marketing: the Number ONE Skill to Have. These courses are designed to teach Realtors® more than just marketing and sales. We teach the Business Blueprint which covers the six components of a business and how they function and fit together to form a synchronized whole.

Step Three

Invest Your Profits: Invest for Success

Step Three is investing the profits back into low risk, high yield investment properties to produce passive income; money that comes in whether you work or not. Step Three consists of two programs, Real Estate Investments: Principles of Investing and Investment Analysis/Coaching. Most of the wealth in the world is created by people who own their own business and hold that wealth in real estate. With their knowledge of property values, real estate contracts, construction techniques and marketing trends and demographics, Realtors® are in a unique position to take advantage of the investment opportunities real estate has to offer.

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Principles of Business

You learned The Principles of Real Estate, now sign up for Principles of Business.

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Principles of Marketing

How to use the Marketing and Sales Components of The Real Estate Business Blueprint in your business.

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Principles of Investing

Learn how to find the property, analyze the investment, write, negotiate and close the transaction.

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