Principles of Investing

Do you want:  A buyer who buys one house every four years? OR an investor who buys four houses every year?

It’s about educating yourself and then educating your investors on the process!!! Wayne will teach you step-by-step how to put investment transactions together, including how to find the property (and the investors), how to analyze the investment, write, negotiate and close the transaction.

What else you will learn in the Principles of Investing:

  • You don’t need cash or good credit.
  • How your assets pay for your liabilities.
  • Why hard work is a highly overrated activity.
  • Good debt versus bad debt.
  • The definition of Wealth and how to achieve it.
  • How to define your personal investing criteria
  • 49 ways to find the best below-market deals
  • 8 powerful negotiation strategies
  • How to write a “No Risk” contract
  • How to analyze real estate investments, including cap rates, COC, IRR, and pretax and after tax cash flows
  • 4 ways to determine ROI (return on investment)
  • When and how to hire a lawyer
  • When and how to hire a CPA
  • How to manage your construction project
  • How to remarket the property
  • How to sell any property in any market for top dollar
  • How to prepare a loan package and obtain financing
  • How to raise money for any deal
  • City of Austin permit process—how it works
  • How to make selections
  • How to rehab from A to Z
  • How to hire a contractor
  • How to buy on a lease/purchase
  • How to sell on a lease/purchase
  • 6 ways to maximize returns
  • 7 ways to minimize risk
  • 12 reasons real estate is better than mutual funds
  • 5 ways to pull money out of a property
  • Hard and soft money loans
  • How to work with investors
  • How to become an investor
  • How to read a financial statement
  • 6 things you want in EVERY contract you write

GUARANTEE: If at the end of this course, you do not feel you received your money’s worth, we will cheerfully refund your tuition in full!

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