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Between 84% – 87% of REALTORS® drop out of real estate. We believe it’s because of a lack of education and lack of a business plan.

Don’t be in that percentage! We can help you become the winning percentage. Our new agents who have taken these courses are performing 2x-5x above industry standards! Hit the ground running with our 6-course package.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • In-Depth with the 1-4 Family Contract – 5 HRS
  • Option Period and Repair Amendments – 3 HRS
  • Advertising Do’s and Don’ts! Articles 12 and TREC – 3 HRS
  • Secrets of the Top 14 Percent – 1 HR
  • Buyer’s Agent: Building Relationships that Last! 5 HRS
  • From the First Meeting to Closing: The Buyer Process From A-Z Online – 2 HRS
  • List to Last…AND Do it Ethically – 1 HR
  • Think Like an Appraiser – 1 HR
  • Getting Sellers to Yes! – 7 HRS

Purchase New Agent Rock Star Courses Individually

An in depth dive into the 1-4 Family Contract paragraph by paragraph to dispel myths and fallacies that many agents have come to believe as the truth. The contract is literal. It’s black and white. There is no gray area. Agents need not negotiate who orders what and who is responsible for each section of the contract. Veteran brokers have walked away from this course having to change everything about their brokerage sales education and even property management practices. Find out once and for all, the truth about what you thought you knew! It’s your ethical duty to know this contract in and out. This course is an absolute mind blower and our most requested.

  • Workbook included

* CE Provider #701045/ #10071

With this 1-hour  course, the student will learn to become one of the top 14%. Review the 5 C’s of a successful sales consultant and the levels of competency.

* CE Provider #701045/ #10071

This 1- hour course teaches you to think like an appraiser by searching  for comparables the way an appraiser searches. This course will help you prepare the buyers and sellers for market value.

* CE Provider #701045/ #10071

Take a Code of Ethics quiz and learn what is true and false about what is ethical practice and what is not.  There are some surprising answers here that clarify what your duties are. The current NAR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice is included.

* CE Provider #701045/ #10071

This course is designed to walk you through the comprehensive details of the buyer process, paying close attention to managing expectations, finding market value, following the time frames correctly, and communicating with your clients on each step from first meeting to a successful closing.

* CE Provider #701045/ #10071

The buying process from first contact, formulas for making valuable contact with buyers, effective questioning, finding emotional hot buttons, selling vs. telling, summarizing, handling resistance, creating urgency, closing the deal/asking for the sale, referral follow-up for raving fans for life.

* CE Provider #701045/ #10071

Having trouble obtaining listings in a very competitive market?  This course will teach you how to win the hearts and minds of potential sellers who will ultimately become your client and raving fan!  This course provides the tips and tools that will make you stand out above and beyond your competition and will have your potential sellers saying “Yes, we want you to be our listing agent”.

* CE Provider #701045/ #10071

The most important paragraph in the contract for your buyers is often the most misunderstood! This is a mind-blowing class of “who’s responsible for what” during the option period, crucial time-frames, adding time to your option period and how to have happy buyers.

* CE Provider #701045/ #10071

ALL advertising, which doesn’t leave room for error, has to be in compliance. Business cards, websites, blogs, ALL SOCIAL MEDIA and EVERYWHERE else you talk about real estate online is considered a “business website.” Not only do you have to be in TREC compliance, but you have to be in NAR compliance with Article 12 guidelines.

* CE Provider #701045/ #10071


Our brand new series where the experts go over important topics and areas of focus to help you better serve your clients. Get your Jam Session started and learn the inside scoop on often misunderstood areas of Real Estate.

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Did ya miss a Jam Session that you really wanted to attend? It’s okay! We got you covered! You can purchase any of our previous Jam Sessions in the library and we’ll provide you access to that video for 10 days. Jam Sessions are where experts cover areas that are the hottest topics in Real Estate. You are provided with best practices and all of the laws and guidelines to help you navigate through difficult waters. Browse our library of previous sessions and start watching the experts share best practices. 

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