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New, updated from Pearson Vue Testing Center’s newly released test topics, our Exam Prep course is the most valuable course you can take prior to your licensure. The Exam Prep course will cover both National and State sections of the licensing exam with over 1,300 exam practice questions.

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How it works:

Our On-Demand Exam Prep has everything you need.   There will be 20+ hours of On-Demand instruction by a Fortune 500 National Sales Trainer plus additional videos to help your understanding of Real Estate Math.  We cover the math formulas, the terminology and concepts you will need to understand and test-taking techniques.  It is all designed to culminate with you comprehending and understanding the material the Texas Real Estate Commission wants you to know to become licensed.  There are tons of videos over national and state test topics. You will get access to practice exams that you can take over and over until you feel confident to take your licensing exams.

What you’ll get:

  • PDF of Exam Prep book with over 900 sample test questions (knowledge checks)
  • 900+ animated videos that represent test topic questions
  • Over 20 Hours of On-Demand LIVE instruction videos.  Watch over and over for comprehension.
  • LIVE Exam Prep Q and A’s via Zoom with a Rockstar Instrctor
  • Practice tests you can take everyday to get ready for your big exam.

You will receive unlimited access to questions that will cover the concepts you will need to know.

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Upcoming LIVE Classes:

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*Our exam prep is a condensed and consolidated form of all 6 courses and helps you learn just the data that you need to know to pass your licensing exam. The prep is intense, fast-paced, and is designed to assist you in passing the state exam and obtaining your license.

Call us with any questions: 254-346-4160

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