Agent Mentoring

I HAD NO ONE! NO HELP! I was on my own when I started real estate 20 years ago. I never want that to happen to anyone in this business again.”

On average, between 84% and 87% of Real Estate Agents do not make it in the industry. We believe that real estate has one of the highest attrition rates due to a lack of education. Passing your real estate licensing exam is just the ticket to play the game. You are at Stage 1 of Mastering a Field.

Stage 1 is: “I don’t know that I don’t know.”
You don’t even know what questions to ask when you’re new or even a veteran agent tackling a new area of expertise.

We mentor agents from brand new on day 1 to over 40 years in the industry.  YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING IN REAL ESTATE. No matter your questions or needs, we can help. If you need help putting a contract together, assembling a listing, help with a CMA, presenting a contract or representation agreement or simply just have a few questions about anything real estate related, we have answers! We even help brokers start their property management companies and help them structure their sales teams. We have licensed instructors and brokers waiting to help you. That meeting can be in person, over the phone, via email or text. We’re here for you.


Every Monday for TEN weeks, Myka Allen-Johnson will provide 3 hours of dedicated mentoring to a limited and select group of agents. Any additional mentoring you will need after that will be done one-on-one or in groups with Myka or one of her Rock Star Instructors.

I only get paid a small percentage of your first two or next two closings.

CLASSROOM SIZE IS LIMITED! So hurry up to enroll and RSVP. Only enroll in this program if you are serious about making money in real estate. Have a Rock Star Mentor and Coach of your very own! Learn from the best in the business.

Contact us for details,

Myka Allen-Johnson
Your Mentor, Myka-Allen Johnson

What is included in the Mentoring Program?

30 hours of hands-on mentoring with licensed veteran agent by your side.

Some of what you will learn

  • How to condense one year of learning into 10 weeks
  • How to find people who want to sell or buy a home TODAY
  • Proven scripts to communicate that you are the best person to help them

An experienced Broker will show you

  • The Power Schedule Top Producers use to sell more
  • More than 100 ways to generate leads
  • How/what to do on the first visit to a listing presentation
  • How to access MLS & do a Comparable Market Analysis
  • How to fill out the Listing Agreement and associated addenda
  • How to conduct a Listing Presentation
  • How to market the listing to buyers and to other Realtors®
  • How to stage the house & property to sell fast
  • How to use the listing to attract buyers who want to buy NOW
  • How to qualify your buyers so you don’t waste time
  • How to write a residential earnest money contract
  • What to do at inspection
  • How to choose the right title company, lender, etc.
  • The contract-to-closing process
  • How to build a referral-based business

…and will do the following with you

  • Make phone calls with you until you know how to do it
  • Go on your appointments with you & show you what to say & do

Want the exact same Mentoring Program above, but would rather pay up front? This option is for you! Just like purchasing any of our normal courses, pay now and start your Mentoring Program.

Schedule Additional Mentoring Hours

  • One-on-one with a Licensed Agent/Instructor
  • Any Real Estate Topic
  • $50 per hour
  • Email Support
  • Course purchase good for one year
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