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All Pre-licensing packages and individual courses below comply with new TREC Rule 535.62, 535.64 and 535.65 effective September 1, 2017.

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To renew your license in the first two years, the Salesperson Apprentice Education (SAE) is 90 hours of qualifying real estate education. In addition, TREC is requiring TREC Legal Update I and Legal Update II (for a total of 8 hours) which will also need to be completed prior to the first two year license term so that a total of 98 classroom hours are completed by the end of the second year of licensure. This package complies with TREC guidelines for needed hours.


Included Courses:

  • Principles of Business – #526
  • Marketing: The Number ONE Skill to Have – #538
  • Buyers Agent – #530
  • Legal Update I – #33197
  • Legal Update 2 – #33198

Unique to The Real Estate Business School. No other school offers Mentoring included in the SAE package. The ReStart Program was designed to teach agents how to get their business back on track with an experienced broker by your side all the way.

What is included in the ReStart Program:

  • 5 courses totaling 98 hours to complete the two year SAE TREC-approval requirements
  • 40 hours of hands-on mentoring with licensed agent/trainer by your side

How The ReStart Program works:

STEP 1. Take the SAE renewal courses and renew your real estate license Included Courses:

  • Principles of Business (30 hours)
  • Marketing: The Number ONE Skill to Have (30 hours)
  • Buyer’s Agent (30 hours)
  • Legal Update I (4 hours)
  • Legal Update II (4 hours)

STEP 2. Join the Mentoring Program where a licensed, experienced agent/trainer will show you how to use your license to become successful in real estate. Choose any of our mentoring courses and/or simply work through real world contracts, listings, buyer representations, buyer issues and anything real estate related that you need help with. We have a mentor who will help you get your career back on track with the right guidance.

If you are renewing as a sales agent for the second time or more, TREC requires you to have 18 hours of Continuing Education prior to renewal.  This will include 8 hours of Legal 1 and 2 and 10 hours of elective CE.

Included Courses:

  • Legal Update I – #33197
  • Legal Update II – #33198
  • Principles of Business – #33621

Purchase Courses Individually

The purpose of this course is to assist someone who is interested in the appraisal profession to understand what appraisal is and what an appraiser does to be in compliance with the guidelines of professional appraising. This is a basic overview course devoted to the principles of appraisal. The course includes information regarding levels of licensure and certification, ownership rights in property, how to construct an appraisal report, the four elements of appraisal, the principles of time, supply and demand, substitution, conformity, increasing and diminishing returns, principles of progression, regression, contribution competition, change, anticipation superadequacy, unearned increments to value and economic obsolescence. In addition, the course covers how to inspect a property, the three basic approaches to appraisal, i.e. the cost, income and market approaches, and basic real estate math concepts.

Download our course book in a PDF format and study offline at your own pace. Take the end-of-chapter topic quizzes online and then an online final exam. Access your courses from any desktop, laptop, or tablet. Exam topics are emphasized throughout the course. Text books are available for purchase by contacting Gigi at

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Most people don’t think of Real Estate as their own business, but you are essentially the president of your business! Learn the skills you need to successfully run your real estate empire from the basics and up. Learn how to project your success and create a business plan to help you hit your sales gales and then some!

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The purpose of this course is to provide potential brokerage owners the information and considerations for opening a brokerage office so they can make a more educated decision and have the tools necessary to successfully achieve a productive office. The Texas Real Estate Commission has made this course mandatory for anyone obtaining their broker’s license. The course is invaluable to anyone who is considering opening their own brokerage office, considering purchasing an existing brokerage office or considering becoming a franchisee. The course details the many decisions that need to be made and the tasks that need to be accomplished to run a successful real estate brokerage business.

* required course by TREC

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Learn how to use the marketing and sales components of The Real Estate Business Blueprint. Take your business to the next level by totally dominating the marketplace! Sell anything to anybody anytime and make them love it! Build undying customer loyalty.

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Learn all the in’s and out’s of being a buyers agent. Find out all of your roles and responsibilities to your clients and to your colleagues. This class is full of amazing information that you never knew and great ideas, concepts and plans to implement instantly.

Upcoming LIVE Classes:
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Notice regarding end-of-course exams: Please Read

Per TREC rules, a 30-hour Qualifying Education (Pre-licensing) or Salesperson Apprenticeship Education (SAE) course exam cannot be accessed until after the TREC-required amount of course hours have been spent in the course. According to TREC rules, a student may not spend more than 12-hours per day in a course, therefore a 30-hour course exam cannot be accessed until 2.5 days after you have registered for any 30-hour course. If you have purchased a package of 30-hour courses, each subsequent exam can be accessed 2.5 days after you finished the previous exam. Please see chart below for required exam schedule:

Course 1Day 1Date 3
Course 2Day 3Date 5
Course 3Day 6Date 8
Course 4Day 8Date 10
Course 5Day 11Date 13
Course 6Day 13Date 15

Final exams will be released according to the TREC-required schedule rule.

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